Aren't I Handsome?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My cool, artist girlfriend Margie (Glass-Sula) and I got to meet last Friday! She is wonderful, and she is the angel behind The Gutter Dog Project. She paints GORGEOUS paintings of rescue dogs, donates them to the cause, and then the rescue group uses them to raise money for their organization. As you all know I was chosen (along with two gorgeous ladies) this year and on Friday, mommy and I spent her birthday driving out to meet Margie and pick up the final piece. As you can see .... it's unbelievable. Not only is the painting one of a kind magnificent, I had the best time with Margie and her mom. I got so many belly rubs, I couldn't stop rolling around!! Mom said I was being a total ham (ok, guilty as charged ...) We took photos which I will show you once I get to see them, so you can see the woman behind the magic that is The Gutter Dog Project!

So from the bottom of my heart, my mommy's heart, and One Tail at a Time - THANK YOU MARGIE GLASS-SULA for all you did for me, for us, and for all the dogs who need you. Mom hung the painting on the wall to take some photos and I can't stop staring at it ... the next photo will have me in it (except this morning I'm still tucked in under the covers. see photo1)

Go check out her blog and website - her birthday is this week as well so give her many well wishes!

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  1. You are welcome Fifty, it was my pleasure to rub your tummy!