Aren't I Handsome?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Year Later

One year ago around this time, mom had just started working at the lovely Integrative Pet Care. At that time, she met the lovely Sue Naiden and her three legged angel, Trio. They got to talking and mom found out about me. No more than 48 hours went by and she drove out to meet my foster mom, Julie, and was approved for adoption by Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus!; I was moving to Logan Square.

I instantly bonded with my sister Izzy. Mom was concerned at first, because Izzy was used to being the queen of the house. She dominated all her pitbull foster brothers before me and let them know she was in charge, while secretly playing with them behind mom's back. It was different with me though - she's been very good about sharing mom's attention. She understands that I am different and sometimes need more time, and always waits patiently. She still lets me know she's the boss though by humping my head .... little rat girl.

We made it through the summer and mom got to thinking about getting me something to help me walk. I do great now but down the road it is not going to be this easy for me to get around. Different things came to mind when discussing this with his therapist Jeanine and Dr. Molly; a cart, a wagon, a brace; a prosthetic limb was ideal but mom knew it was not going to be cheap. It was time to start saving.

Mom's friend Heather caught wind of all this and started fundraising for me via One Tail at a Time. Money was coming in faster than I could run (and that's really fast) from all over the country - I couldn't believe it! Mom was overwhelmed; everyone was being so great. Then she got a message from a woman in New Jersey named Dina who hooked her up with a man named Ronnie who lived down in Florida. An amputee himself, Ronnie has devoted the last few decades to making prosthetics for animals of all kinds (horses, a goose, even an alpaca!!).

For the last 6 months, Robin Spencer has been the head of Team Fifty. Between her and my good pal Al, the suspension for Fifty's leg would never have worked out. They spent so much time and effort getting us to this point - all pro bono - that we could never even begin to thank them enough. I bit my Southside tongue and got Robin Cubs/Yankees tickets for next week - I owe her that much :)

So now the photos are here and the leg is on one of those big brown trucks I like to chase somewhere between Florida and Chicago. Our anniversary is this Sunday, June 12th - but we will be celebrating later in the month because mom has to go out of town. This is the perfect way to celebrate - with a new leg start to our second year together. Stay tuned for many photos and videos, and please keep your paws crossed that I am a good, cooperative boy and accept the leg and learn to use it with the help of everyone on Team Fifty.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The happiest boy of all time


My sincerest apologies for the lack of updates, but mom lost the sheet of paper she taped up for me with my password and I was locked out of my blog for several weeks. I've been using facebook regularly but i thought I'd quickly fill you in my recent adventures while mom takes a nap (she's home sick, which is good for me!).

Where were we ....

Robin and Al have been working tirelessly to get my leg up and running. The suspension is our greatest enemy. Never before has an orthotic limb been created for a dog with an above the knee amputation. Basically, they are creating history and if, no wait, WHEN, this is all done and I'm running on 3 legs, they will be legends. To me, they already are.

I got to go out to Robin's house a few weeks ago and that was a blast - on that journey I discovered my guardian angel is a die hard Cubs fan. I swallowed my Southside pride and placed a call to my grandpa for a favor ... well, in case you didn't know this, nobody (besides mom) loves me more than grandpa does. So to help me thank Robin from the bottom of my heart, she will now be going to the Cubs/Yankees game this summer and she is ecstatic. I owe her more than silly baseball tickets, but that's a start.

The liner we have been using was working out perfectly until the weather here in Chicago warmed up, I got more active, and my weight fluctuated. Now it's a tad too big - which Robin says is actually okay, because I should have two liners anyway. After working her butt off researching and networking and contacting company after company .... she found Angie and Dave are the latest to join Team Fifty and I owe them a huge thank you for making such a generous donation to me. Things are falling into place and Team Fifty is growing by the day - I LOVE IT!!

Ronnie is still ready for the leg portion of all this - but in the meantime, he is doing transports all over the midwest rescuing animals! I'm not the only dog blessed to know this man. Last month alone he transported 800 DOGS to safety! Not too shabby ....

I think that is the short story that brings us up to speed. As for now, I'm just trying to be a good boy through all of this and I can't wait until everyone can come together for the finished piece - a brand new leg for a much deserving dog (ok, those are mama's words).

Next month I get to go to my very first White Sox Game! Luckily they have a dog day each year and if you are lucky enough to snag tickets ( a HUGE thanks to Jamie Buehrle for getting me in) you get to walk the field and sit in the bleachers for the game! I don't know who is more excited - me or dad. Mom bought me my very own jersey which is being tailored as we speak - I just don't need two arm holes :)

To everyone who supports me day after day, I thank you!! I am the luckiest dog on the planet for this. I promise many slobbery kisses to all of you!

With Love,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Check Socket Round Two

Hello two legged pitbull lovers - yours truly here. My apologies for not updating sooner, but mom has not been replacing the batteries in her "magic mouse" which has prevented me from computing. I nagged and nagged and nudged and nudged ... and I'm back!

What'd we miss? I spent a glorious 8 days out in suburbia with grandma, grandpa, my cousins newman and kramer, and without little rat girl Izzy!!!! I was very sad and upset the first few days but once I realized how much fun I could have without my little sister tagging along I came out of my shell. We had a massive blizzard here in good ole' Chicago and while I enjoyed it coming down, I'm so not a fan of putting my "kickstand" in the snow when I go potty - it's cold!! Mom tried to put a sock on it, but it got too wet, then a booty ... I kicked it off (I am a teenage brat!). So I just suck it up and go quickly and run back inside to get on mommy's bed.

I don't think I've shared with my fellow bloggers mom's new permanent fixture on her arm ... ME!! I mean, I knew she was in love with me because she walks me, buys me bully sticks, gives me peanut butter and sleeps halfway off the bed so I can spread out ... but that is true love my friends. I better start behaving like a perfect angel!

Oh, and I won a raffle! Mom let me spend my allowance on a few raffle tickets for an online raffle Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus! (my rescuers) were having and I won $447! Monster bully sticks are about $6 each ... so I can get almost 75 of them! Do I have to share with Izzy and Red .... ?

Tonight Robin and Al came back into Integrative Pet Care for two reasons: to fix up Huey's orthotic and make it absolutely perfect (and it is!) and to see if Ronnie's check socket measured up ... and it does. However, with this good news comes some bad news .... because of the muscle use in my kickstand and how much I still can move it, our plan did not work and it will not stay on. So Robin took it home to begin Operation Kickstand: Plan B. I know everyone is waiting for the leg and updates ... but patience is very important here so everything is just right. So I will see Robin and Al again in one week to unveil their new plan! I want to buy them dinner ... wonder what they like? Maybe I can share my Stella and Chewy's frozen dinner with them?

It's been an exciting day for me and I am pooped!! I hope everyone here in Chicago is warm, safe and dry just like me!

Good night!
-Fifty Boy

Monday, January 17, 2011

One More Week

Last Monday Robin and Al came back to IPC to see if Ronnie's check socket measured up! I was very excited to see her but I calmed down quickly to take care of business. We sent it back and Ronnie will decide if A) we should do one last check to be safe or B) the measurements seem alright and we will be getting the leg soon! I know it's taken a minute but for something this intricate, I know it takes time, so I've been a very patient boy. Mom and I went on a walk last night and I was flying! Sometimes she wonders if I really even need that leg .... but she knows I certainly will in the future so why not start practicing now. Can you even see my tail in this photo? It's a blur!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Check Socket

Ronnie "Angel" Graves (as mom has renamed him) sent me a box today @ IPC!! So glad I woke up early to come in and see all my girlies. Anywho, the next step in my new leg came - a "check socket", which we will make sure fits and all the measurements are right for it to fit on my kickstand. After we take care of this and send it back .... the last step will come which will be a SHINY NEW LEG!!

Can you tell how excited I am?

Also, many thanks (seriously, so many thanks) to EVERYONE who contributed to my Christmas Wish - we reached our goal and paid for Huey's surgery!! He is coming in with me tomorrow to Integrative Pet Care to start his therapy with Dr. Molly and Jeanine and I promise to show him the ropes like a good ole' boy.

Fifty boy, the two legged (soon to be 3!) pitbull

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My pal Huey is about $250 away from having his surgery costs covered! Can you send your friends, family, coworkers, etc... here to help this holiday season? I know how much you have all helped us so far, and not a minute goes by that I don't think about it. Thank you all!!

Huey begins therapy next week on Tuesday. Let's wish him luck! I promise to show him the ropes over at Integrative Pet Care. I know the place pretty well and love all the girlies over there - they really know how to make a dog feel better!!

My christmas angel Ronnie is busy working on my prosthetic that Robin helped me send ... I cannot even wait, mom is losing her mind over it! I am so curious about what it will be like to be a tripod, since it's been so long since my legs went missing. What an exciting time and I owe thank you's to so many people. Maybe we will just need to throw a little party when my leg comes so I can thank everyone personally.....and show off my new and improved kickstand! I'm going to ask mom right now.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rescue Dogs!

I forgot to tell you about Anne Calcagno, the woman behind "Love Like a Dog"

She wrote a book and started a blog for people like mommy and her friends to write their stories of how they got their rescued pups (me!) and their lives together. It's a really cool thing and she is always looking for more contributors, so if you have some time email her your story - I personally love reading about everyone when mom let's me go online. The first story is my pal Rudie, check him out!

I also had the pleasure of meeting her at the Pinups for Pitbulls holiday market and she is fantastic!

So send your story asap and be a part of Love Like a Dog!