Aren't I Handsome?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Check Socket Round Two

Hello two legged pitbull lovers - yours truly here. My apologies for not updating sooner, but mom has not been replacing the batteries in her "magic mouse" which has prevented me from computing. I nagged and nagged and nudged and nudged ... and I'm back!

What'd we miss? I spent a glorious 8 days out in suburbia with grandma, grandpa, my cousins newman and kramer, and without little rat girl Izzy!!!! I was very sad and upset the first few days but once I realized how much fun I could have without my little sister tagging along I came out of my shell. We had a massive blizzard here in good ole' Chicago and while I enjoyed it coming down, I'm so not a fan of putting my "kickstand" in the snow when I go potty - it's cold!! Mom tried to put a sock on it, but it got too wet, then a booty ... I kicked it off (I am a teenage brat!). So I just suck it up and go quickly and run back inside to get on mommy's bed.

I don't think I've shared with my fellow bloggers mom's new permanent fixture on her arm ... ME!! I mean, I knew she was in love with me because she walks me, buys me bully sticks, gives me peanut butter and sleeps halfway off the bed so I can spread out ... but that is true love my friends. I better start behaving like a perfect angel!

Oh, and I won a raffle! Mom let me spend my allowance on a few raffle tickets for an online raffle Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus! (my rescuers) were having and I won $447! Monster bully sticks are about $6 each ... so I can get almost 75 of them! Do I have to share with Izzy and Red .... ?

Tonight Robin and Al came back into Integrative Pet Care for two reasons: to fix up Huey's orthotic and make it absolutely perfect (and it is!) and to see if Ronnie's check socket measured up ... and it does. However, with this good news comes some bad news .... because of the muscle use in my kickstand and how much I still can move it, our plan did not work and it will not stay on. So Robin took it home to begin Operation Kickstand: Plan B. I know everyone is waiting for the leg and updates ... but patience is very important here so everything is just right. So I will see Robin and Al again in one week to unveil their new plan! I want to buy them dinner ... wonder what they like? Maybe I can share my Stella and Chewy's frozen dinner with them?

It's been an exciting day for me and I am pooped!! I hope everyone here in Chicago is warm, safe and dry just like me!

Good night!
-Fifty Boy