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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Big Day

Just in case I haven't had enough excitement lately, the biggest day yet has finally arrived: I am getting my kickstand fitted today for my new leg by the incredible Robin Spencer ( She is making an appearance tonight at IPC to help mom make an impression cast of my kickstand that we will then ship off to my angel, Ronnie Graves, down in Florida who will be giving me the leg for my Christmas Gift in honor of his pup "HoneyBear". I couldn't be more excited or grateful for everyone's kindness this year, and I am making so many thank you cards so people know just how amazing they are. Life is great and I have so many people to give sloppy kisses to for that!!
I posted a picture with mommy that Tracy took at the Pinups for Pitbulls Holiday Market we just went to (see previous post for that excitement!). We had a blast, can't you tell :)
Wish me luck tonight that I can sit nice and still while the impression is made, and I promise to keep you fully updated on the progress of my new leg. Happy Wednesday!

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