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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Check Socket

Ronnie "Angel" Graves (as mom has renamed him) sent me a box today @ IPC!! So glad I woke up early to come in and see all my girlies. Anywho, the next step in my new leg came - a "check socket", which we will make sure fits and all the measurements are right for it to fit on my kickstand. After we take care of this and send it back .... the last step will come which will be a SHINY NEW LEG!!

Can you tell how excited I am?

Also, many thanks (seriously, so many thanks) to EVERYONE who contributed to my Christmas Wish - we reached our goal and paid for Huey's surgery!! He is coming in with me tomorrow to Integrative Pet Care to start his therapy with Dr. Molly and Jeanine and I promise to show him the ropes like a good ole' boy.

Fifty boy, the two legged (soon to be 3!) pitbull

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