Aren't I Handsome?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Handsome stud

I had such a great swim last week with mom! I know I don't look like such a tough guy with that snood on, but hey, I'm not embarassed. Mom says it's my best swim efforts yet - I added time on to each swim set (an extra 15 seconds each time) and added a whole extra set! My total this week was 6 minutes, with plenty of rest and massage jets in between. Not bad for a two legged dude. Kathy, one of my office girlfriends, took a few photos of me.
I wanted to include a link my favorite thing ever, The Gutter Dog Project, because this week I am the featured dog!
I caught a sneak peek of my painting ... and it's incredible. Also, Margie's dog was in the photograph as well and she is the long lost twin sister of my best pal Red!
Come on down to IPC and say hey to me soon, and meet my newest lady friend Dr. Rosie!

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