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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Resistance Pool Therapy Session

Yesterday I went back into the resistance pool for my twice weekly therapy session - it went great! I added 30 seconds to my overall time swimming - mom was very proud. I did lots of passive range of motion stretching and got a very good rest with the massage jets on. I'm very exhausted today, but I feel amazing - can't wait to go back in tomorrow! It's very important to space therapy out with a day in between so I don't overdo it. So today is just a nap day in the office with my little pal Uma.

Eileen promises to photograph me in the pool tomorrow - I've been very shy in that red snood, but I know I need to wear it to protect my ears!

Last night as a treat for doing so well in therapy I got to go for a ride in my wagon with Red and Izzy ... I felt so strong after my pool session that I kept wanting to get out and hop, but I know I should've stayed in and relaxed. I promised mom I'd behave better next time.

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