Aren't I Handsome?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Resistance Pool round two!

Yesterday was my second visit to the Resistance Pool. Jeanine took me in there and showed my mom how to help me swim and stretch my legs out. They made me wear this ridiculous cap over my ears! (I did look pretty cute though). I was still a bit nervous, but I think I will be swimming twice a week now so I need to man up.

After I got home I fell asleep immediately (see photograph above). I slept in the car too then dried off in the sun.

Today I am going with my sister Izzy and my best pal Red to the Wauconda Dog park! Hopefully it won't be too crowded and I can run for a minute then just relax in the shade.

Also, to anyone looking for an awesome addition to their family, my "sister" Bella is available for adoption through One Tail at a Time!
Here is her petfinder link:

I'm so excited to see her again this week, my mom found her an awesome foster home just four short blocks away - I can easily walk four blocks! I bet she'll take lots of photos to show everyone.


  1. Omg, I love this blog! Fifty, you rock! Yes indeed, man up with those swimming lessons - you'll love them in no time... ;-)

  2. Now I know why it took so long for Fifty to get adopted. He was waiting for Kelly to find him! As Goddess Tasha said ---- Fifty you rock! So do you Kelly!