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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My first Post

Hi everyone, Fifty here! Thanks for finding your way to my blog. I'm excited for the way my new life has been going. I had a little bit of a rough patch back there, but things are looking up. I guess my background story might help get everyone up to speed:

Last year I jumped over the fence of my old yard because I wanted to play with a little dog and someone shot me in both of my right legs. I'm not really sure why I got shot, I only wanted to play! After surgery, I ended up losing all of my right front leg and now I have only part of my right back leg. Or so they say, I can barely tell because I get around just fine!

I was rescued by the Illinois Doberman Rescue (Plus!) and lived in a wonderful foster home with my foster mom Julie for a long time. She's great and I love her, but the cat there wasn't so fond of me trying to pick it up for playtime. Then, I met Kelly in June. She came to visit me, and I got to go home with her! So far things are going really good. I have a new sister, her name is Isabelle and she is a total diva. We play sometimes, but we mostly like to lounge together in the sun.

Kelly took me to her work the week I met her and I love it there! I got to hang out in the office with Sarah all day and it was really fun. Then, Dr. Molly took me in the pool! I was so nervous and I just floated in my life jacket, but I think eventually I started to figure it out. I definitely am going to be brave next time if I'm going to impress Trio. She's my new girlfriend, I met her this week and she put the smooch on me. She has one more leg than I do, so we can hop around together.

So I started this blog to keep track of all my treatment from my girlfriends at Integrative Pet Care. Jeanine taught me some exercises to do last week and I'm very excited to practice every night at home. I'm so happy to be a part of this family. I've already made a lot of new pals and look forward to seeing everyone each time I come in.

Right now I think my pal Red and I are going to get some food next door at 90 Miles. Their patio is dog friendly so if you do good in your therapy session I bet your human will take you there too!

Have a safe and Happy fourth of July everyone!

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  1. Yea Fifty. You may have lost your right legs but you can still type out your story. Harold is in total awe of your.